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With the
Dynamic Success Accelerator
Program you get so much 
for only $997
($5,000 Value + $28K in Bonuses)

Bonus #1: VIP Online Group (Value $997)
Bonus #2: DSAP Guest Tuition Waiver (Value $5,500)
Bonus #3: Be a Published Author (Value $6,500)
Bonus #4: Book Strategy Course (Value $5,000)
Bonus #5: Author-in-a-Box (Value $5,000)
Bonus #6: DSAP Home Learning Program (Value $3,000)
SUPER FREE: YOU & Guest – 2 DAY Coaching/Mastermind (Value $3,000)

The Full Value for the
Dynamic Success Accelerator Program is $24,000+ 
but you get it for ONLY $997

Benefits you'll have by the end:

    - A formula to properly structure your business & life
    - The 9 shifts for business success
    - How to be confident with your goals
    - Where to focus your time and energy, so you don't procrastinate
    - 12 strategies to save your time & create freedom
    - How to Map out an action plan that is manageable, effective and will move you in the direction of your business intentions for the next 12 months
    - How to reach your goals faster
    - 2 methods to balance your life... and more!

    • Bonus #1: VIP Online Group (Value $997)
    • ​Bonus #2: DSAP Guest Tuition Waiver (Value $5,500)
    • Bonus #3: Be a Published Author (Value $6,500)
    • ​Bonus #4: Book Strategy Course (Value $5,000)
    • ​Bonus #5: Author-in-a-Box (Value $5,000)
    • ​Bonus #6: DSAP Home Learning Program (Value $3,000)
    • ​SUPER FREE: YOU & Guest – 2 DAY Coaching/Mastermind (Value $3,000)

    About Diane Rolston

    Diane Rolston is recognized as one of the most trusted, business and motivational keynote speakers and coaches.

    As the Award-Winning Coach and the CEO & Founder of Dynamic Women®, Diane Rolston has been called THE expert on being Dynamic.

    After leading over hundreds of events and programs, speaking on international stages, and becoming an author while raising two young children, Diane Rolston is a leader on work/life balance and getting things done! This brought about a successful program and book called Dynamic You™.

    Diane has delivered presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, and organizations and can speak to groups ranging from 10-10,000+.

    As a consultant, Diane is a behind the scenes business advisor and coach for many business professionals, speakers, authors, thought leaders, and high achievers.

    Teaching anyone who wants to increase their results, how to correctly manage, package, and sell their time, knowledge, experience, expertise, for a more balanced and successful life.
    Learn more about Diane and her community here:


    "The greatest benefits in working with Diane:
    1. Confidence in my own ability.
    2. Clarity - in my decisions and goals.
    3. Understand & overcome saboteurs.
    4. Customized tools.
    5. Self acceptance of who I am.
    6. Diane's strong belief in who I am and who I can be! 
    Amazing to have a confidant, mentor and cheerleader."

    - Claire Madin, CEO West Women Trekkers
    “It was an incredible day of self-discovery and relationships.
    I loved being able to share my challenges and successes with a group of
    inspiring women and to hear their stories and insights in exchange.
    It was absolutely empowering. I highly encourage you to join this program
    to unlock resources that will help you reach your personal or
    professional goals. An experience you don’t want to miss!"

    ​~ Caitey Gilchrist, Brand Consultant
    “Diane's dialogue-based group process lets participants be heard and acknowledged,
    weaving self-reflection with sharing and connecting with others!” 

    ~ Leslie Bishko, Assistant Dean at Emily Carr "
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